Solution Modular

Scegliere il tuo monitor LEDA LED display Full Color is composed of one or more modules of LEDs.

The modular system allows you to compose different screen sizes and offers a huge range of benefits:
- Easy transport; - Easy to install; - Easy maintenance sets no limit on the shape, size and display resolution and makes possible the next screen magnification.

  • to choose your monitor LED
    The pixel is by definition a bright spot, a term used when referring to images presented in digital form; English picture element
  • Management Monitor
    All our LED Display features of a specific management software.
  • Ways to make your business
    The New Star offers three alternatives to make your business:
    In addition to our professionalism and reliability, with each alternative guarantee:

About Us

The New Star Vision is a leading company in sales (rental and collaboration) of LED displays or screens (light emitting diode - Light Emitting Diode).