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REFRESH RATE - LED ScreenThe advanced technology of our LED display and management software allows you to achieve optimum visibility and image quality, both indoor and outdoor ECJ.

With the mounting arrangement "carpet" of the LEDs, and with the use of technology "virtual pixel" is possible to ensure a very high definition images. I Led "fitted carpet" are equally spaced and arranged alternately and cross
With the technology "virtual pixel" we are able to electronically check each LED that is superimposed by interpolation to Led contiguous pixels creating the "virtual" that will be perceived by the human eye.

Our LED display is also equipped with an advanced management software that allows you to automatically set the screen brightness so that the adjustment of sunlight, thereby Visibility images is always optimal during the day, with the advantage of a meaning energy savings.

To satisfy the needs of our clients we provide comunicaziuone LED Display for indoor and outdoor.
The maxi-screens for interiors have greater resolution and lower brightness;
the big-screen outdoor Monor have higher brightness and resolution, and also have other key features: impermeability to weather, forced ventilation systems for raffreaddamento monitor, security system with a polycarbonate grille and anti-para-sun vandalism.

  • to choose your monitor LED
    The pixel is by definition a bright spot, a term used when referring to images presented in digital form; English picture element
  • Management Monitor
    All our LED Display features of a specific management software.
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The New Star Vision is a leading company in sales (rental and collaboration) of LED displays or screens (light emitting diode - Light Emitting Diode).