Pitch (distance between pixels in mm)

PITCH MAXISCREEN The pitch (or step or space) to a display led expresses, in millimeters, the distance between a pixel and others. Minore is the distance between the two pixels, the higher the resolution (as a lesser distance between the LEDs implies a greater presence of these). The choice of pitch is important because depending on its extent varies other factors, such as the minimum distance of vision of the giant screen and its resolution, which is the total density of LEDs on the giant screen.


PITCH MAXISCREEN As mentioned, the resolution is the choice of pitch. The number of pixels on each sqm identify the resolution. Let's make a concrete example: a giant screen with a pitch of 10mm has a resolution of 10,000 pixels per square meter.
As the giant screens are composed of modules, these modules with different measures. The measures used by our company are: 896 * 896mm, 960 * 960mm, 1024 * 1024mm. So taking a module size 960 * 960mm with a distance between pixels (pitch) of 20mm, you will have 2304 pixels per module.
Choosing a pitch of 10mm, always with the same measures of the form, you will have 9216 pixels. Note that a few millimeters of decreasing the distance between pixels, the total number of LEDs increased by four times.

Pitch Resolution real pixel/mq
10 mm 10000
12 mm 6944
14 mm 5102
16 mm 3906
18 mm 3086
20 mm 2500
22 mm 2066
25 mm 1600
30 mm 1111
31.25 mm 1024

Technology and esperiza at your service

The advanced technology of our LED display and management software allows you to achieve optimum visibility and image quality, both indoor and outdoor ECJ.

With the mounting arrangement "carpet" of the LEDs, and with the use of technology "virtual pixel" is possible to ensure a very high definition images. I Led "fitted carpet" are equally spaced and arranged alternately and cross
With the technology "virtual pixel" we are able to electronically check each LED that is superimposed by interpolation to Led contiguous pixels creating the "virtual" that will be perceived by the human eye.

Modular Solutions

The modular system allows you to compose different screen sizes and offers a huge number of advantages:
- Easy transport;
- Easy to install;
- Easy maintenance
sets no limit shape, size and resolution of the display and makes possible the next screen magnification.