LED IN LED GIANT SCREENLED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode (light emission diode). The device uses the optical properties of certain materials to produce semiconductors photons from the recombination of electron-pair gap. The light produced by the LED is generated by recombination of electrons between the anode and the cathode. As for the color of the light, it depends on the type of material used.
Unlike the traditional incandescent bulbs, the LED is no filament. This feature allows the LEDs have a lifetime of much greater respect for traditional bulbs.
In the Monitor led to full color, the provision of assembly is "a carpet of LED" means diodes (LEDs) are equidistant between them, are arranged in alternating and cross-checked and are electrically "LED LED."

Technology and esperiza at your service

The advanced technology of our LED display and management software allows you to achieve optimum visibility and image quality, both indoor and outdoor ECJ.

With the mounting arrangement "carpet" of the LEDs, and with the use of technology "virtual pixel" is possible to ensure a very high definition images. I Led "fitted carpet" are equally spaced and arranged alternately and cross
With the technology "virtual pixel" we are able to electronically check each LED that is superimposed by interpolation to Led contiguous pixels creating the "virtual" that will be perceived by the human eye.

Modular Solutions

The modular system allows you to compose different screen sizes and offers a huge number of advantages:
- Easy transport;
- Easy to install;
- Easy maintenance
sets no limit shape, size and resolution of the display and makes possible the next screen magnification.